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March 30, 2017

11 Most Popular Hedge Fund Strategies

It’s important to join a hedge fund with an investment strategy that fit you in order to have longevity in this career. Today we’ll go over the most popular hedge fund strategies. Let’s start with an overview of the hedge fund industry.


global business network Career Insights
January 7, 2017

Detailed Explanation of the Hedge Fund Career Path

The typical hedge fund career path begins 1 – 2 years post-college. Unlike large banks or asset management firms with comprehensive training programs, hedge funds are small, nimble operations with few resources to teach someone analytical finance from the ground up. Getting into a hedge fund straight out of college is difficult.

left brain right brain Investment Process
November 13, 2016

How to Find Your Investment Style

If you are preparing for hedge fund interviews, I know the level of exhaustion and stress that you are going through. There are many technical questions to prepare for. Developing and presenting an investment pitch is time-consuming. On top of that, there’s a constant self-doubt of whether you are on the right track with your pitch. But first things first. Before you start your investment pitch, here’s a critical question for you to answer: what’s your investment style?

library books Investment Process
October 29, 2016

19 Best Investing Books on Wall Street

Let’s face it. When it comes to learning how to invest, most college and business school textbooks just aren’t cutting it. We need to build our own collection of the best investing books to hone the craft.

Academic classes teach you how to put together an income statement or how to run multi-variable regressions in Stata. Those are important skills to have, but they don’t give you the full picture on how to invest. I know, because I’ve taken a lot of them.

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