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What’s an alternative to the sell side?

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There are two categories of people who make it to the buy side: best-athletes-available and specialists. Best- athletes-available come from the traditional paths to a fund: sell-side research, investment banking, and strategy consulting. People who have done these at reputable firms have a baseline of work ethic, intelligence, industry knowledge and modeling skills…
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What is the research process for shorting a stock?

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There are 3 main aspects of researching a company: quality, catalysts, and valuation. Each investment process emphasizes on 1 to 2 aspects. For example, value investors look for cheap valuation and quality business. Growth/momentum investors look for strong catalysts. GARP investors look for quality businesses bought at a reasonable price. Shorting a stock mostly focuses on the catalyst aspect…

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Hedge Fund Job Search Process – A Clear Roadmap

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Hedge fund recruiting is fundamentally different from investment banking recruiting.

In college, I’ve always had a clear roadmap for getting to the next stage of my career – whether it’s getting the grades or networking at the info sessions. But all of that changed after I hit the real world. There was no longer a college career center to go. There wasn’t a career counselor that drew me the path to a hedge fund. People figured out the way on their own.

When I first started, I thought hedge fund recruiting would be…

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Do I need to get an MBA for the buy side?

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Here’s the breakdown of whether you need an MBA for the buy side:

First, hedge fund vs. traditional asset manager. For hedge funds, an MBA is not necessary and sometimes can hinder your ability to get into the industry. Hedge fund portfolio managers are focused on generating alpha and love to hire analysts who have the same drive. Hedge funds want young, hungry folks who are driven to make money. Getting the MBA/CFA achieve the opposite: they take time and money. As a result, some hedge funds look down on analysts with an MBA or CFA. They think that you should’ve spent the time to making money through investing rather than doing coursework…

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