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5 Investment Analyst Qualities That Hedge Fund Interviewers Look For

By | Job Search | 3 Comments

Great investment analysts come in all different shapes, sizes, and personas. They range from the ultra-aggressive Bill Ackman types who pound the table in management meetings, to the congenial Warren Buffett disciples who happily collects “cigar butt” businesses.

But despite the personality differences, all great investment analysts share 5 traits that make them successful. Regardless whether you are a Bill Ackman or a Warren Buffett, having these qualities make you a great investor.

Demonstrating these traits throughout your hedge fund recruiting process is important because these qualities are what hedge fund portfolio managers look for…

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The Best Hedge Fund Career Paths

By | Career Insights | 3 Comments

If you have your mind set on a hedge fund career, you probably started thinking about your career paths very early on – either in college or shortly after you graduated. You are highly motivated to have a successful hedge fund career and armed with a concrete plan to put yourself in the best position to get to the buy side. You keep your resume up-to-date, debate taking the CFA and/or get an MBA, and proactively get in touch with recruiters…

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What do hedge funds ask when they talk to my references?

By | Job Search | No Comments

Hedge funds will ask what’s your current role (to verify your job description on your resume and interviews), the companies and industries you’ve covered, how well you work with others and with your manager.

Your offer is contingent on a background check and speaking to your references. Most hedge funds at this point will also ask you for at least 2 professional references to vouch for you…

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