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How do I approach a 2-hour hedge fund case study?

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The 2-hour modeling test is made famous (or infamous) by Fidelity.

For Fidelity’s equity analyst interview process, candidates are asked to look at a name and develop a buy/sell recommendation within 2 hours. The candidate is only given the latest 10-K and 10-Q and a couple sell-side reports to get up to speed on the name quickly. So the key here consists of two things: the ability to get through a 10-K/10-Q quickly (knowing the sections and footnotes), and to produce a 3-statement model and a DCF in 2 hours…

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5 Essential Hedge Fund Interview Questions – and How to Answer Them

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A successful interview essentially boils down to answering hedge fund interview questions that address two aspects of your candidacy: cultural fit and strong technical skill set. A strong technical foundation is important especially if you are just breaking into the hedge fund industry, as you’ll be the heavy lifter in building forecasts and valuing stocks to help your portfolio manager make the right investment calls.

Testing your technical skills typically consists of 2 parts: a set of technical questions in your 1st round process, followed by a 2 – 3 hour modeling test in the 2nd round…

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Hedge Fund Hiring Trends at UBS O’Connor, Point72, and PIMCO

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2016 has not been great so far for hedge fund performance, or the active management industry at large. It’s understandably tougher to find quality hedge fund analyst jobs now with higher market uncertainty, driven by slower growth and the current political environment. That doesn’t mean funds are hiring less. In fact, personnel changes or strategy shifts at individual firms often determine their hiring needs rather than fund performance.

3 firms are noteworthy to mention: UBS O’Connor, Point72 Asset Management, and PIMCO. The personnel and strategy changes at these firms are taking each firm’s hiring approach in different directions…

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