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What is the typical hedge fund compensation for a 2nd year investment banking analyst?

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The fund’s location and AUM are big factors in determining your research analyst compensation. If you are staying in New York, you ou can expect a slight bump in total compensation in your first year to $165k, which is the median pay for research analysts with 2 years of experience. $200k would be the 75th percentile, and this should be the number to aim for if you can negotiate…

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How much of the hedge fund industry is luck vs. skill?

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I got this question from a reader, who pointed out that it’s It’s tough to outperform on a consistent basis through a full cycle. It’s easy to perform during bull market cycles, but very few seem to outperform through a bull and a bear cycle.

It makes you wonder how much luck vs. skill is involved in generating alpha. How much does doing fundamental work matter vs. just being lucky with market timing?

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