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Insider Guide to Investment Management Recruiting for MBAs

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You didn’t think being an MBA would be this busy. On top of it all, investment management recruiting seems like it’s just around the corner.

After a summer of congratulations, parties and goodbyes, you’ve arrived on campus ready for your next journey. You’ve heard that business school is like a 2-year vacation. But you soon find out it’s not the case at all.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite…

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Hedge Fund Fit Interview – How to Tell Your Story the Right Way

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How many times in your life have you answered this question: “tell me about your background”? The question has remained the same throughout your career, but your answer has evolved drastically. It should now evolve for your hedge fund fit interview as well.

You have experience in crafting your story. To get to where you are today, you’ve already prepared a fine-tuned script. It details the beginning of your love affair with the business world, your plans to contribute to the world economy, and the accomplishments that set yourself apart.

But using your old script won’t cut it anymore…

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Hedge Fund Job Search Process – A Clear Roadmap

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Hedge fund recruiting is fundamentally different from investment banking recruiting.

In college, I’ve always had a clear roadmap for getting to the next stage of my career – whether it’s getting the grades or networking at the info sessions. But all of that changed after I hit the real world. There was no longer a college career center to go. There wasn’t a career counselor that drew me the path to a hedge fund. People figured out the way on their own.

When I first started, I thought hedge fund recruiting would be…

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