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Can I Move from Fund of Funds to Hedge Fund?

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The short answer is that it would be difficult to go from a FoF to hedge fund.

Fund-of-hedge-funds are intermediaries that help investors pick out the good hedge fund performers from the bad. Relationship-building is the key to success at the senior level, and fund analytics at the junior level.

The skills needed at a hedge fund are fundamental research and modeling. Unfortunately, fund-of-funds don’t provide the opportunity to practice these skills…

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What is the typical buy side career path to becoming a portfolio manager?

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The typical buy side career path usually starts for someone a few years out of school, typically with 2 years of experience. Unlike large banks with comprehensive training programs, funds are smaller and don’t have the training resource to teach someone analytical finance from the ground up.

Which brings us to the typical route that will get you from your college graduation to a hedge fund portfolio manager…

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Insider Guide to Investment Management Recruiting for MBAs

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You didn’t think being an MBA would be this busy. On top of it all, investment management recruiting seems like it’s just around the corner.

After a summer of congratulations, parties and goodbyes, you’ve arrived on campus ready for your next journey. You’ve heard that business school is like a 2-year vacation. But you soon find out it’s not the case at all.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite…

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