Hedge Fund Job Boards

Cut through the noise and find quality hedge fund job postings with efficiency.

Searching for relevant hedge fund jobs is like a perpetual scavenger hunt, especially compared to the college days of investment banking or consulting recruiting. We no longer have a career office that streamlines the application and interview process for us. Now we are out on our own in the wild, hunting for the best buy side opportunities among a mish-mash of career sites.

The hedge fund job opportunities that you’ve seen typically come from recruiters’ outreach to potential candidates.  However, the vast majority of hedge fund jobs are still found by candidates proactively searching through online job postings, which is particularly effective when combined with email networking to establish the personal connection.  It’s never a good strategy to sit on one’s feet and hope recruiters come to you, which makes proactive searching on job boards a key to your recruiting success.

If you are still in graduate school or college, its career site is still the best source of buy side jobs.  Not because of the quantity listed, but because you have a direct connection to network with alums at these firms through emails and calls.  Some schools also have partnerships with peer institutions that allow inter-campus career site access. HBS and Stanford GSB for example, give students at peer business schools access to their career sites for a 6-months period for a fee of $60.

If you are an alum of a school with a sizable career site, make sure you have access.  Get further out of the tuition you’ve paid, and make your school’s career resource a gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t end there.  Outside your school career site, it’s important to visit the following job portals on a weekly (if not daily) basis.   The buy side is a fragmented industry with thousands of mid to small sized funds, of which the majority don’t have the time resource to post on every school career site out there.  They much prefer general career portals for far better reach.

The challenge is to find quality, relevant job postings efficiently among the sea of career sites out there.  I’ve searched through a lot of job boards throughout the 10 years in the industry, and here are the 7 best sources that I’ve found the most helpful in providing quality buy side job postings.  These resources will save significant time for your hedge fund or long-only search.


1. Bloomberg

If you have a Bloomberg account, you already know how powerful it can be for your career.  If you don’t have one, think of a way to get access now.  The Bloomberg JOBS function has the highest concentration of relevant hedge fund job postings.  Portfolio managers spend most of their time inside the Bloomberg terminal, and naturally do a ton of recruiting through it.  If your current firm or school has a terminal that you can get your hands on, that’s great.  If you have any claim to being a full-time or part-time student, request a Bloomberg demo here.  If that’s not an option, think of a local school or an investment club where you can get affordable access.


2. Local CFA Society

Asset management firms concentrate in major metro areas, and they prefer CFA charter holders. If you are recruiting for mid-to-large sized firms, pay particular attention to the local CFA society of your target cities.  Here are the job boards of the New York Society of Security AnalystsCFA Society Chicago,  Boston Security Analyst Society, and CFA Society San Francisco. You do need to be a charter holder or a CFA candidate to sign up.


3. LinkedIn

Customization makes LinkedIn Jobs powerful for the hedge fund job search.  It’s important to use the right boolean search terms to filter out irrelevant job postings. Use the ‘-‘ prefix to filter out terms that are related to investment jobs but irrelevant for you, such as audit, risk, sales, etc.  As an example, try the following search term in keywords:


equity research analyst -engineer -operations -compliance -sales -business -product -audit -risk
Another pro tip: get the paid Premium Account on LinkedIn.  Having premium membership puts your resume drop to the top of the recruiter’s page among hundreds of applicants.


4. SumZero

SumZero has become a premier destination for equity research discussion, and as a result has built a a high quality job board with top tier hedge fund opportunities.  You do need to become a member, so think of your ties to the buy-side community to become a member. Liz Michels who built the recruiting business there has recently departed, so we’ll see how the job board evolves going forward.


5. GoBuyside

GoBuyside is a relatively new social network for the buy-side community.  Think of it as a LinkedIn for buy-siders.  The site crowd-sources quality applicants among their network for top-tier private equity, hedge fund and asset management clients.  Sign up is free.


6. Doostang

Doostang is a premium career portal for high caliber applicants seeking six-figure jobs.  It has a good concentration of postings within asset management and private equity, and charges a membership fee to apply.  Doostang is well worth the money for the postings offered.  Velvet Job has recently emerged as a strong competitor.  However, the offerings are similar, and having access to one is enough.


7. Glocap

Glocap is one of the largest finance recruiters in investment banking, private equity and hedge funds, and has built an online system for candidates to apply to their recruiting engagements.  Sign up is free, and it’s always a good idea to get your resume into Glocap’s candidate database.



School career portals remain the best sources of hedge fund and asset management job postings, but these 7 career sites above are essential to sourcing all available opportunities out there.  Checking these job boards weekly or even daily will boost your job applications significantly.  It’s a volume game after all.
Drop me a comment below with any questions!