Which hedge funds have internship programs?

By July 27, 2016Job Search

The vast majority of hedge funds don’t have structured college internship programs, but large asset management firms do. Your best bet is to either:

  • Position yourself to land an internship with a large asset manager, such as Fidelity, Wellington, Putnam, etc, for the summer of your junior year
  • Network with mid to small hedge funds and land an externship while you are in school

To land a summer internship, read up as much as your can on investing. Start a personal account, or if you don’t have the money, get a bunch of your friends to participate in a stock market competition with you. Most importantly, prepare 2 investment pitches for your interviews.

To network with hedge funds, start with your college alum directory and contact alums in the field. Ask them for career advice. Also prepare investment pitches to go into your networking calls.

Also, the most realistic way to get an externship at a hedge fund is to offer your excel skills. Hedge funds could also use more free talent to work on spreadsheets to help screen stocks and do portfolio analysis. Beef up your pivot table and VBA skills is the best way to get yourself into the door as a college student.

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