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How to Switch from the Sell Side to Buy Side – Interview

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Many analysts aspire to switch from the sell side to buy side. The work is similar, but the buy side offers more rewarding work, a portfolio to measure your performance, and a higher compensation trajectory. Making this switch is competitive, especially if you have a perceived weakness going into recruiting season.

When I walked into each buy side interview, I was always ready to talk about my college major. I pursued a computer science degree and had no finance-related extracurricular activities or internships in college. I had to sell my passion for investing to each interviewer…

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5 Essential Hedge Fund Interview Questions – and How to Answer Them

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A successful interview essentially boils down to answering hedge fund interview questions that address two aspects of your candidacy: cultural fit and strong technical skill set. A strong technical foundation is important especially if you are just breaking into the hedge fund industry, as you’ll be the heavy lifter in building forecasts and valuing stocks to help your portfolio manager make the right investment calls.

Testing your technical skills typically consists of 2 parts: a set of technical questions in your 1st round process, followed by a 2 – 3 hour modeling test in the 2nd round…

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7 Best Sources to Find Hedge Fund Jobs

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Searching for relevant hedge fund jobs is like a perpetual scavenger hunt, especially compared to the college days of investment banking or consulting recruiting. We no longer have a career office that streamlines the application and interview process for us. Now we are out on our own in the wild, hunting for the best buy side opportunities among a mish-mash of career sites.

The hedge fund and long-only opportunities that you’ve seen typically come from recruiters’ outreach to potential candidates. However, the vast majority of buy side jobs are still found by candidates proactively searching through online job postings, which is particularly effective when combined with email networking to establish the personal connection…

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