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Hedge Fund Fit Interview – How to Tell Your Story the Right Way

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How many times in your life have you answered this question: “tell me about your background”? The question has remained the same throughout your career, but your answer has evolved drastically. It should now evolve for your hedge fund fit interview as well.

You have experience in crafting your story. To get to where you are today, you’ve already prepared a fine-tuned script. It details the beginning of your love affair with the business world, your plans to contribute to the world economy, and the accomplishments that set yourself apart.

But using your old script won’t cut it anymore…

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5 Essential Hedge Fund Interview Questions – and How to Answer Them

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A successful interview essentially boils down to answering hedge fund interview questions that address two aspects of your candidacy: cultural fit and strong technical skill set. A strong technical foundation is important especially if you are just breaking into the hedge fund industry, as you’ll be the heavy lifter in building forecasts and valuing stocks to help your portfolio manager make the right investment calls.

Testing your technical skills typically consists of 2 parts: a set of technical questions in your 1st round process, followed by a 2 – 3 hour modeling test in the 2nd round…

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