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How to Find Your Investment Style

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If you are preparing for hedge fund interviews, I know the level of exhaustion and stress that you are going through. There are many technical questions to prepare for. Developing and presenting an investment pitch is time-consuming. On top of that, there’s a constant self-doubt of whether you are on the right track with your pitch. But first things first. Before you start your investment pitch, here’s a critical question for you to answer: what’s your investment style?

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How to Find a Great Stock Pitch Idea

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Pitching a stock is the most important part of the interview process for hedge funds and asset management. After you’ve submitted a polished resume and telling your story in your first round interview, you’ve been asked to pitch a stock. Now what? How do you find a great stock pitch idea?

Your first instinct might be to go on a research portal like SeekingAlpha and SumZero to get inspirations.

The issue is, reading reports is a great way to get other people’s opinions on a stock. But that shouldn’t be your starting point.

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The Complete Guide to Developing a Stock Pitch

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I’ve written over 30,000 words detailing what it’s like to have an investing career. I’ve laid out the step-by-step process to get a hedge fund job for both experienced professionals and MBAs. What’s the one key takeaway from these guides? Having a killer stock pitch is what matters the most.

Making a strong stock pitch is the way to get your foot in the investment industry. It’s how you can become a professional investor.

Let’s go into the stock pitching process in detail.

This is a deep dive into analyzing and pitching stocks. We’ll go over how to screen for stocks, develop an investment thesis, analyze the company and industry, value the business, and assess the catalysts and risks.

A lot is taught on investing theories and frameworks in school. But little is said about how investment analysts actually pitch a stock.

If you’ve ever taken a finance class, you’ve probably left wondering: how do I actually put together a stock pitch the way professional investors do?

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