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How to Switch from the Sell Side to Buy Side – Interview

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Many analysts aspire to switch from the sell side to buy side. The work is similar, but the buy side offers more rewarding work, a portfolio to measure your performance, and a higher compensation trajectory. Making this switch is competitive, especially if you have a perceived weakness going into recruiting season.

When I walked into each buy side interview, I was always ready to talk about my college major. I pursued a computer science degree and had no finance-related extracurricular activities or internships in college. I had to sell my passion for investing to each interviewer…

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5 Investment Analyst Qualities That Hedge Fund Interviewers Look For

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Great investment analysts come in all different shapes, sizes, and personas. They range from the ultra-aggressive Bill Ackman types who pound the table in management meetings, to the congenial Warren Buffett disciples who happily collects “cigar butt” businesses.

But despite the personality differences, all great investment analysts share 5 traits that make them successful. Regardless whether you are a Bill Ackman or a Warren Buffett, having these qualities make you a great investor.

Demonstrating these traits throughout your hedge fund recruiting process is important because these qualities are what hedge fund portfolio managers look for…

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